Choose the correct future form to complete the sentences below. Once you have decided on your answer, click on the arrow to check your answer.  You can use any form who express the future meaning such as "be going to" "will" or "present tense"

  1. I'm hungry - Oh, I (make) you a sandwich.

  2. He (study) Law at Sheffield University next year.

  3. Oh darling! I love you so much, (you/marry) me?

  4. The flight (leave) at 8 p.m.

  5. Look at those clouds! It (rain) any minute.

  6. Jack (meet) Kim tomorrow afternoon.

  7. I think he (be) very successful.

  8. When (visit) me next year?

  9. Class (begin) at 9, it (begin) at 10.

  10. As soon as she arrives in Manchester she (give) you a call.

  11. Look at those clouds on the horizon! It is (rain) soon.

  12. Who do you think (win) the next national elections?

  13. We are (fly) to Warsaw next week for a meeting with the advisory board.

  14. I promise you: I (finish) my homework on time next week.

  15. I'll take this letter to the post office when I (go) into town this afternoon.